New Release of the ProcessMaker v. 3.0 (Beta5) – Now Available for Download and Testing

3/03/2015 | Category: BPMN, new release

There are only a few weeks left until the release of ProcessMaker Community version 3.0! In the meantime we are launching Beta versions in order to give you a sneak peak at what will be in the final version. This is the Beta 5 release. This new beta comes with great new features and tons of […]

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Drupal+ProcessMaker = A Powerful Content Management System with World Class Workflow Automation

26/02/2015 | Category: Drupal, Open Source, REST API

   23.5% of ProcessMaker Open Source Customers are also using Drupal as their CMS of choice.  We always knew that ProcessMaker played well with Drupal.  There are lots of reasons to use the two solutions together.  Drupal is one of the leading open source PHP CMS, and ProcessMaker is beyond a doubt the leading Workflow […]

New #processmaker IRC Channel!

19/02/2015 | Category: community

Hey Everybody, I know I haven’t posted in a while, what can I say, we have been really busy at ProcessMaker. There are really a lot of new stuff that you are going to start to see coming out of ProcessMaker. And it has already started, as I am sure many of you are tracking the […]

New Release of the ProcessMaker v. 3.0 (Beta4) – Now Available for Download and Testing

17/02/2015 | Category: new release, Open Source, ProcessMaker

We have some exciting news!, a new beta version of ProcessMaker v. 3.0 has been released. Below find the list of new features and bug fixes for this version Remember that this is a BETA release. Do not use this BETA version in a production environment. New features: * Message types were included in the […]

New Release of the ProcessMaker v. 3.0 (Beta3) – Now Available for Download and Testing

27/01/2015 | Category: new release, release | Tags: ,

ProcessMaker team is proud to announce the new BETA release which includes some features and bug fixes detailed below. Remember that this is a BETA release. Do not use this BETA version in a production environment. Known issues: PM-767 – BPMN Designer Add message list. PM-768 – Add Support for Intermediate Message event(outbound). PM-770 – […]

ProcessMaker Community Edition v. 2.8.0 has been released!

16/12/2014 | Category: new release, Open Source

A year has passed since the last ProcessMaker Community version was released. During this year the ProcessMaker team has been working to produce new plugins and hotfixes, plus several beta versions of the upcoming version 3.0, which will offer a new BPMN designer which you heard a lot about last year. We have saved the best for last, […]

New Security, Scalability, and Productivity Features added in the ProcessMaker Enterprise Edition v. 2.8

10/11/2014 | Category: release

As many of you are aware, we released a BETA of ProcessMaker Open Source Version 3.0 this past July. We are happy to report that the BETA keeps advancing, and that we will be speeding up our release cycle of the BETA versions as we approach General Availability in early 2015. In the meantime, we […]

Kicking off October with the Release of Three Powerful ProcessMaker Plugins

7/10/2014 | Category: Plugins, release

We are kicking off October with the release of three new plugins that will add some important new enterprise features to the ProcessMaker Business Process Management Solution.  These new plugins are now included in the ProcessMaker Gold Enterprise Subscription. The following three new plugins are now available: Multiple Input Document Uploader PowerUp – a pack […]

New Release of the ProcessMaker 3.0 BETA – Now Available for Download and Testing

10/09/2014 | Category: Beta, release

During the past months the ProcessMaker team has been working on fixing bugs, improving stability, and adding additional features to its ProcessMaker 3.0 BETA. Following are the updates in this latest release (please note that this is still BETA software and is not recommended for production environments): Known issues: * Issues with Dependent fields. * […]

Actions by Email v.2.0.20 new release!

8/09/2014 | Category: new release, Plugins

ProcessMaker is pleased to announce a new release of the Actions by Email Plugin v.2.0.20. This plugin comes with some bug fixed and enhancements. This plugin is available in our ProcessMaker Enterprise Edition. Requirements * ProcessMaker v2.5.x or higher (stable version + available hotfix) * Enterprise Plugin v2.0.17 or higher (stable version + available hotfix) Bug fixed […]

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