A Dash of Ad Hocery to Manage Workflows

25/07/2010 | Category: BPM | Tags: , , , , , , , ,

Although an often repeated benefit of workflow management software products is eliminating ad hoc processes, the software should not encourage rigid, mindlessly automated business processes. Many dynamic processes involve interactions among a range of (internal and external) users, as well as content that must be generated, revised, or customized before being routed among different touch-points […]

May I take your order? BPM mashups through web services

30/05/2010 | Category: BPM, Open Source | Tags: , , , , , ,

I’ve been blogging lately about web services, and how they relate to business process management software.  To make a long short, BPM software packages can leverage web services to expand the BPM software’s reach and broaden its ability to share information, not only with users and databases directly in the BPM system, but also with […]

Bridging business process gaps with web services

28/05/2010 | Category: BPM | Tags: , , ,

I want to go into some more depth on issues involving the the third type of business communication gap I mentioned in my previous blog: system gaps.  System gaps occur when information from one IT system, program, software, or database must be shared with another system.  In an ideal world, the two systems would be able to talk to […]

3 common business communication gaps

21/05/2010 | Category: BPM | Tags: ,

When we talk about business processes or workflows, we are talking about the way information moves around a company or department.  Business process information can move in a number of directions: between people, between systems, or from people to systems (and back again).  Here are three areas where business communication gaps commonly occur: People – people gaps:  When […]

Can you cure a bad business process with BPM software?

17/05/2010 | Category: BPM | Tags: , ,

In my previous post, I went through a number of disadvantages to ad-hoc business processes.  So is business process management software the magical cure for ad-hoc business processes? No, yes, and sometimes. If you have a weak process design with little documentation and poor performance, slapping BPM software on top will not solve anything.  It […]

4 reasons to avoid ad hoc business processes

14/05/2010 | Category: BPM | Tags: , ,

When business processes are not standardized, poorly defined, or based on informal personal communications, the end result can be a logistical mess. Here are four reasons to avoid ad-hoc business processes: Confusion:  In an ad-hoc business process, the lack of documentation and structure means that it can be unclear who is responsible for what.  Responsibilities […]

Are you wasting time and money on ad hoc business processes?

12/05/2010 | Category: BPM | Tags: ,

The term “business processes” is just a fancy word to describe the collection of routine activities your company undertakes every day.  All departments have processes, and they often include requests, approvals, and forms.  But whether those processes are well-designed or running smoothly is another story.  When we talk about business process management, we love to […]

3 simple ways to protect your company from off-boarding risks

10/05/2010 | Category: BPM, Solutions | Tags: , , , ,

When an employee leaves a company, that departure can create a significant amount of risk to the organization.  A well-designed off-boarding workflow can be a very useful tool to make sure that the off-boarding process is applied consistently, the process runs smoothly, and any potential issues are resolved.  Here are three important ways to protect […]

The Secret Managers Can Learn from Exit Interviews

6/05/2010 | Category: BPM, Solutions | Tags: , , , ,

The exit interview is a very important element of any well-designed employee off-boarding process. No matter the reason for the employee’s departure, exit interviews are a key part of making sure that the employee’s tenure with the company wraps up on a positive note, and are of great importance to both employees and management. From […]

How to manage forced layoffs of good employees

5/05/2010 | Category: BPM, Solutions | Tags: , , , ,

Traditionally, when an employee left a company, this departure was usually due to one of two reasons:  either the employee found another job elsewhere, or the company fired the employee due to poor job performance. But in our current economic climate, a new category of layoffs has emerged: forced layoffs of good employees, simply due […]

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