New look and feel in the release of the ProcessMaker v. 3.0 (RC2) – Now Available for Download and Testing

31/03/2015 | Category: BPMN, new release, RC

Hi everyone, we are definitely excited to give all of you another sneak peak at what will be the final version of ProcessMaker Community  3.0. This comes with a major change in the look and feel of the ProcessMap and its elements (we are looking for your comments on this) as well as tons of […]

New Release of the ProcessMaker v. 3.0 (Beta5) – Now Available for Download and Testing

3/03/2015 | Category: BPMN, new release

There are only a few weeks left until the release of ProcessMaker Community version 3.0! In the meantime we are launching Beta versions in order to give you a sneak peak at what will be in the final version. This is the Beta 5 release. This new beta comes with great new features and tons of […]


BPM for your SugarCRM platform

17/07/2013 | Category: BPMN, crm, ProcessMaker

The digital disruption is finally upon us. Not only every enterprise needs to consider a digital business strategy to be ready for the near future, but every company looking to be prepared for the next phase of social business, should join the collaborative economy to tap into the wisdom and power of the crowd. With […]


ProcessMaker version 2.x.bpmn released!

26/08/2011 | Category: Beta, BPMN, IIS, ProcessMaker, release | Tags: ,

Colosa Inc. is again pleased to announce the new instance of the development release of ProcessMaker featuring the new BPMN designer. Please take in mind that this is a development release and should only be used in testing servers. BPMN designer The BPMN Designer is friendly, intuitive and easy to draw complex processes organized by […]


[Video] ProcessMaker 2.0.31 new features

9/08/2011 | Category: BPM Training, BPMN, How To, IIS, ProcessMaker, ProcessMaker Tech Tips, release, Uncategorized, Versions | Tags: , , , , ,

ProcessMaker 2.0.31 was released on Monday with new features like skins 2.0, case notes, PDF security, conditional events and IIS compatibility. On this video we take a look at some of these features and how to use them. Click on the image to watch: Download the latest ProcessMaker release at the ProcessMaker SourceForge repository, join our ProcessMaker […]

Quick Screencast: Installing ProcessMaker on Windows from source in WAMP.

6/07/2011 | Category: BPMN, ProcessMaker, ProcessMaker Tech Tips | Tags: , , , , ,

On this 4 minute screencast, learn how to install ProcessMaker on Windows using an existing web server. This differs from the Windows .exe installation guide found on the wiki since here we are using the .tar.gz package found at the Processmaker SourceForge repository. This is a question many of our forum members had been asking for a while and […]

ProcessMaker 2.0 is here!

1/03/2011 | Category: BPMN, ProcessMaker, release

Afer many months of development and testing, ProcessMaker version 2.0 is finally here. The following exciting new features have been added: PHP 5.3 support. It is now possible to deploy ProcessMaker in PHP 5.3 environments. User inbox has been redesigned, and full skin control is now possible for OEM deployments. We will post more articles […]

Intermediate Timer Event with ProcessMaker

23/02/2011 | Category: BPMN, ProcessMaker | Tags: , ,

We were recently asked to provide a solution for the following process definition: As you can see, upon completion of First Activity, the Case is expected to pause  for X days. In BPMN terminology, it means a Catching  Intermediate Timer Event takes place between First Activity and Second Activity. So, how can you solve this process design using ProcessMaker? Well, it’s […]

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