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Enabling a ProcessMaker Plugin By Permission

26/06/2014 | Category: How To, Plugins, ProcessMaker, ProcessMaker Tech Tips, Solutions, Uncategorized, User Interface

I received a question last week and thought it would make a good subject for a blog post. So here is the question: Hi Ethan, I created my plugin and with the plugin I also created a Role for the plugin as well as a Permission. I assigned some users with the correct Role and […]

Creating a Rich Dialogue Panel in a ProcessMaker Dynaform

30/11/2013 | Category: DynaForm, How To, Javascript, User Interface

  Hello Everyone, Today I would like to show you an excellent way to interact with your users through your Dynaform. Who This Article Is For This article is aimed at ProcessMaker Process Designers and Architects. Anyone that has an interest in ProcessMaker can also benefit from this post. Why Use a Dialogue Panel? There are […]


Quick tip to improve your MySQL performance in ProcessMaker

29/11/2011 | Category: How To | Tags: , ,

When it comes to web applications, I’m obsessed with speed. I’m constantly looking for ways to make things run faster. So let me introduce you to MySQLTuner, a perl script that analizes your MySQL performance and gives you tips to improve response times. Running the script Note: The script was written for *NIX. If you are […]

ProcessMaker Wiki page gets a facelift

4/11/2011 | Category: How To

ProcessMaker’s wiki page is currently undergoing a re-vamp and update in order to keep up with the newest successful releases of ProcessMaker and its features.  In the coming weeks visitors will be able to find up to date information and guides to the usage of ProcessMaker – thanks to the efforts of our support team […]

A guide for plugin development in ProcessMaker

13/10/2011 | Category: How To

Thanks to ProcessMaker‘s open source nature, it is possible for anyone to modify our source code to add new features or change existing ones. However, this can lead to compatibility issues. Instead we recommend to develop a plugin to add functionality or customize the way ProcessMaker works. Our support team has recently published a new […]


The Filesystem vs. ProcessMaker Maximum Number of Cases

11/08/2011 | Category: backup, How To, ProcessMaker Tech Tips

Did you ever ask yourself how does ProcessMaker store Input and Output documents? The answer to this question is closely related to the maximum number of cases your BPMS server may handle. Keep reading to understand this connection, and how to configure your server for an unlimited number of cases. So, how are Input and […]


[Video] ProcessMaker 2.0.31 new features

9/08/2011 | Category: BPM Training, BPMN, How To, IIS, ProcessMaker, ProcessMaker Tech Tips, release, Uncategorized, Versions | Tags: , , , , ,

ProcessMaker 2.0.31 was released on Monday with new features like skins 2.0, case notes, PDF security, conditional events and IIS compatibility. On this video we take a look at some of these features and how to use them. Click on the image to watch: Download the latest ProcessMaker release at the ProcessMaker SourceForge repository, join our ProcessMaker […]

Inserting a direct link to open/download an Input Document in a Dynaform.

20/06/2011 | Category: DynaForm, How To | Tags: , , , ,

One of the questions we at the Processmaker Support Team usually get either in the Forums or at the Bug Tracking site, is related to inserting a link to an uploaded document in a Dynaform, so further users down the process can click on this link in order to download/open the document right on their […]

Embedding Multiple Images Into Dynaforms

16/05/2011 | Category: DynaForm, How To, ProcessMaker | Tags: , , ,

Most organizations who are utilizing ProcessMaker to manage their workflow take advantage of the Document Management System (DMS) to upload input documents and pass them along with the case it belongs to.  But did you know that if your input document happens to be an image or group of images, then you can embed those […]

The Father, the Son and the Grandfather: A Basic Backup Strategy

13/05/2011 | Category: backup, data loss, grandfather-father-son, How To, ProcessMaker, recovery, Towers of Hanoi

If you’re the person in charge of a ProcessMaker server, you must ensure a backup and recovery strategy is in place to protect existing information in case of data loss. In this article we will provide a basic backup plan, intended to be configured on a Linux server, combining tar, crontab, and mysqldump utilities. For […]

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