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Yahoo, Microsoft, and Open Source Software

6/05/2008 | Category: BPM, Open Source | Tags: , ,

It is always nice when a major awaited event comes to conclusion (even if only temporary), so that you can try and remember which pundits had it right and which didn’t.  I specifically remember a TWIT episode where Jason Calcanis predicted that the merger would happen within the next week.  I think he also mentioned […]

Windows installer now available for ProcessMaker 1.0-1153

18/04/2008 | Category: Open Source

Hello, We’ve just put the Windows installer for ProcessMaker version 1.0-1153 in Sourceforge: This new release includes some bug fixes for the previous 1.0-1142 Windows version. Thanks to BitRock, the Windows installer is packaged with all dependencies, including Apache, MySql, and Php. Next week, look forward to an updated user manual as well

Upgrading ProcessMaker, share your business case information and more!

14/04/2008 | Category: Open Source | Tags: , ,

Hi everybody, I’m pleased to inform you that the new release v. 1.0.1142 includes two new compelling features: From this release on, it is possible to upgrade ProcessMaker keeping your existing processes and case information intact. This marks a milestone in ProcessMaker development because after this release, to upgrade ProcessMaker you should only install the […]

ProcessMaker Internationalization!

11/04/2008 | Category: Open Source | Tags: , ,

Hi Everybody! We have available now the new ProcessMaker release v.1.0.1138, you can download it here. As announced in our last post, this release has new important improvements. The next week I’ll tell you more about it. But today I’m pleased to inform you that ProcessMaker stars with this release its Internationalization. That is because […]

ProcessMaker Open Source New Release

10/04/2008 | Category: Open Source

Tomorrow marks the launch of a New Release of ProcessMaker. This new version includes some important functionality improvements, like an easy use of Dynaforms-Grids, an initial start of Dashboards and the first step for internationalization. The new version allows to import and export PO files, then it is possible to start with the translation of […]

OSBC 2008

28/03/2008 | Category: BPM, Open Source | Tags: , , , , ,

Colosa just finished a fantastic OSBC. It was our first time exhibiting at the event, and we were very pleased with the interest ProcessMaker generated. Personally, I didn’t get to go to very many of the conference seminars, but I did spend a lot of time hanging out in the hallways with lots of other […]

Debian Installation

3/03/2008 | Category: Open Source

 Hi all, The Debian followers have already the possibility to install ProcessMaker,  because the release  pmos-1.0-995.i386.deb  is already  in SourceForge at: Enjoy the use of ProcessMaker!

Official Launch: OSS Version 1.0

25/02/2008 | Category: Open Source

Today marks the official launch of ProcessMaker OSS v1.0, an open source workflow and business process management solution. You can download it here: For more information and the full text of the press release, see our OSS launch press release.

New version of code available in Sourceforge

14/02/2008 | Category: Open Source

We’ve posted an updated version of the ProcessMaker open source pre-release code in sourceforge, pmos-.09-904.You can download it here: This new version includes some important functionality improvements. We’re continuing to work on the code before our official release in the next couple of weeks, but in the meantime we wanted to make this new […]

Open Source pre-release version now available for download!

1/02/2008 | Category: Open Source

We have liftoff! ProcessMaker Open Source pre-release version is now available for download from Sourceforge. Check it out at: This is the pre-release version of the code. We’ll be tweaking the release version over the next few weeks, but we had a lot of inquiring minds wanting to take a look. So, we decided […]

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