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How to Automate Human Resources Forms with BPM Software

8/03/2010 | Category: Open Source

In my previous post I talked about the similarities of BPM software to a GPS system; namely that BPM software walks an employee step-by-step through common HR business processes (such as a leave application) just as a GPS system provides driving directions.  I’d like to highlight, however, a key difference: unlike a GPS system, BPM […]

BPM Software Vendor Buying Spree continues with Savvion being acquired by Progress Software Corporation

11/01/2010 | Category: Open Source | Tags: , , , , ,

Savvion gets swallowed up and gives us a better idea of possible values of BPM companies.

Going Paperless – the Challenges of Changing the Culture of Paper when implementing BPM Software

25/11/2009 | Category: Open Source | Tags: , , , , , , ,

The culture of paper in a business today is still considered important. It provides a means of support and evidence for activities that are carried out in a process. Any migration to an automated BPM system needs to consider how to change the culture of paper that most of the process actors will have grown […]

The Leave of Absence Request Process – Not so simple for many BPM and Form Vendors

19/11/2009 | Category: BPM, Open Source | Tags: , , , , , ,

Designing a Leave of Absence Request Process is not as simple as one might think. Here we discuss some of the details to consider when creating this type of Human Resources Workflow.

BPM Culture Wars

3/11/2009 | Category: Open Source | Tags: , ,

In today’s hyperlinked world of iPhone, Facebook, Twitter, and countless other digital networking tools, it’s easy to assume that all organizations embrace technology as a better way of managing business.  However, it’s easy to forget that attitudes towards technology can vary greatly from one business to another, and can profoundly impact a business’ readiness to […]

A Lawyer and a BPM System walk into a bar…

29/10/2009 | Category: BPM, Open Source | Tags: , , , , , ,

Have you heard the one about the lawyer and the mountain of paperwork?  No seriously, all terrible lawyer jokes aside, law firms need to deal with a huge quantity of documents on a daily basis.  The entire legal profession is based on paperwork and deadlines.  Effective management of that paperwork is vital to the outcome […]

BPM Gold – Discovering and Exploiting a Vertical Workflow Software Niche

10/10/2009 | Category: BPM, Open Source | Tags: , , , , ,

As a leading BPM Software Company, we often get approached by small to mid-sized companies that want to develop a specific vertical industry workflow application inside our BPM Software so that they can sell it to others in their industry.   I really love it when I am fortunate enough to be in on the […]

5 Simple Questions to see if your Business Process can be modeled and Automated using Workflow Software

13/09/2009 | Category: BPM, Open Source | Tags: , , , ,

I receive questions literally every day from companies that are looking for workflow software and/or business process management software to automate workflows and automate web-form processing.   Most of my team tell me that I am the worst sales person they have ever seen.  You see, after 10 minutes on a phone call I will often […]

Social Media + Business Process Management – Irreconcilable Opposites or the Killer Combo?

7/09/2009 | Category: Open Source

There is a lot of chatter these days about how the Social Media Frenzy affects Business Process Management and BPM Software Tools in general.  The topic comes up at every BPM Software meeting or conference I go to.  At these conferences, pundits tend to produce lots of white papers filled with plenty of confusing acronyms.  […]

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