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[Windows] ProcessMaker under Microsoft Webmatrix and IIS

28/07/2011 | Category: Alpha, IIS, QA | Tags: , , , ,

Please note: This only works with the development release of ProcessMaker and it’s not recommended for production. IIS is not oficially supported at the moment, but it’s being heavily tested and debugged. The following screencast shows you how to set up a local windows webserver and install ProcessMaker under IIS using Webmatrix. Edit: You can also […]

ProcessMaker RC3 ready for testing!

20/05/2010 | Category: ProcessMaker, QA, RC, release, Versions | Tags: , ,

We are excited to announce the release of ProcessMaker RC3.  The new version features an improved user inbox experience allowing users to process incoming tasks more quickly, organize tasks better, and provides powerful new search functionality.  Other new features available in this new release of ProcessMaker include: Creation of  DynaForms based on PM Tables Faster […]

ProcessMaker RC2 released for testing

16/03/2010 | Category: community, ProcessMaker, QA, RC, release, Versions | Tags: , , ,

We have released ProcessMaker RC2. A number of bugs have been fixed (the changelog contains more than 100 positions) and some new functionalities have also been introduced (like condition builder for showing/hiding areas of dynaforms). This is another step towards having a stable release. For the first time we have asked the community to help […]

ProcessMaker stable Version

9/03/2010 | Category: Alpha, Beta, ProcessMaker, QA, RC, release

ProcessMaker stable Version Starting this year we released our ProcessMaker stable version. With this we started something different on the way of our releases. We are working with different branches one for a Stable version and other for Development version just as 90% opensource projects already are. But the main thing here is that we […]

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