Why is there no Marc Benioff in the Pure Play BPM Software Industry?

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Two companies were really the pioneers in the Cloud BPM space – Nsite and ProcessMaker (disclaimer – I am the CEO of the latter), both launching SaaS BPM services at around the same time in 2005. Nsite got gobbled up by Business Objects which intern was gobbled up by SAP. I must admit, Nsite was a very cool product way ahead of its time and was giving ProcessMaker a good run for its money. But, inside SAP, Nsite basically died.

Top 10 applications open on your worker’s PC, and why BPM Software and Workflow Software is not one of them

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Worker productivity today is related to the software applications your workers use. So, if we look at the average worker in a mid sized enterprise, what software are they really using. Here are the Top 10 applications they are using.

Workflow Software, BPM Software, and ERP Software – How does it all fit together?

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It can be tough to sell BPM Software when a company is taught to think that its ERP Software was designed to solve all of its problems.

SAP BPM 2008

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SAP’s BPM 2008 conference is going on today and tomorrow in Las Vegas.  Although I won’t personally be there, I am certainly following what is going on.  I just read Sandy Kemsley’s review of her first morning at the SAP BPM 2008 conference.  I found a number of interesting take-aways from her blog post. According […]

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