What is the #1 Content Management System (CMS) integrated with ProcessMaker – Drupal, Joomla, or WordPress?

16/04/2015 | Category: Development, Drupal, Open Source, Plugins, REST API, Uncategorized

Last month we did an extensive community survey and received feedback on a range of topics from thousands of our community members.  We had some very interesting and sometimes surprising results which I will be sharing with you through a number of upcoming posts. Today’s post is about Content Management Systems (CMS).  In our community […]

Is it True that ProcessMaker Version 3.0 is about to be Released?

15/07/2014 | Category: Uncategorized

By now you have probably heard the rumor that ProcessMaker Version 3.0 is about to be released.  Well, let me give you official confirmation – it is indeed true.   In fact, partners, customers, and some select members of our community have been testing an early BETA release for the past few weeks as part […]

Enabling a ProcessMaker Plugin By Permission

26/06/2014 | Category: How To, Plugins, ProcessMaker, ProcessMaker Tech Tips, Solutions, Uncategorized, User Interface

I received a question last week and thought it would make a good subject for a blog post. So here is the question: Hi Ethan, I created my plugin and with the plugin I also created a Role for the plugin as well as a Permission. I assigned some users with the correct Role and […]

Save Time and Increase Productivity with the new ProcessMaker Trigger Editor

12/02/2014 | Category: Uncategorized

As many of you already know, on January 14th we released ProcessMaker 2.5.2. This recent release offers many new features in the ProcessMaker core which make developing and managing BPM processes faster and easier.  One of the features included in this mentioned version is the New Trigger Editor.  So what is new with this editor? […]

Controlling Risk by Implementing a New Employee On-boarding and Access Control Process

10/02/2014 | Category: BPM, Uncategorized

Small businesses have it easy when it comes to keeping track of new hires. A paper file and some signed checklists will do the job on that scale. A multi-million dollar company could never hope to manage an employee on-boarding and access control process in this way. Controlling access to information is not just a […]

ProcessMaker 2.5.2 Maintenance Release

14/01/2014 | Category: Uncategorized

Coming on the heels of our release of new plugins for our Enterprise Edition, ProcessMaker Community Edition gets some love too. Version 2.5.2 is now available and includes 10 new features, 14 enhancements and fixes for +235 bugs. For a full list of changes check out the release notes and the changelog. Here are the […]

ProcessMaker 2.5 – You will have to wait just a little longer

8/05/2013 | Category: Uncategorized

I know that I am going to take a lot of crap for this one, but here it goes….The release of ProcessMaker 2.5 will come a week later than previously announced.  No, there was no Force Majeure at play.  Just a hefty amount of QA which caused this latest release to get sent through its […]

ProcessMaker v 2.5 RC1 – Release Candidate has been released!!

2/04/2013 | Category: Uncategorized

On March 27th, Colosa launched the much anticipated release candidate for its Version 2.5 ProcessMaker Open Source BPM & Workflow suite.  The release has been labeled Version 2.5 RC (Release Candidate), and it is a strong representation of what the final Version 2.5 ProcessMaker release will look like when it is released on May 8th […]

Does your Business need BPM Software – 7 Questions to Ask BEFORE you Start to Shop

8/11/2012 | Category: BPM, Uncategorized | Tags:

So you are thinking about buying a Business Process Management System (BPMS)?   You have heard about companies like Oracle, Ultimus, Aura Portal, and ProcessMaker?  You are about to start researching various vendors to try and understand which one is best for you.  In your early conversations the various vendors have already started to tell you […]

New ProcessMaker version 2.0.42 released!

10/07/2012 | Category: BPM, business process re-engineering, new release, ProcessMaker, Uncategorized, Versions

Hello ProcessMaker fans all over the world! Once again, Colosa Inc. is proud to announce the public availability of your favorite BPM Opensource application: ProcessMaker v.2.0.42. Although version 2.0.42 is mainly a bug-fixes and stabilization release, Colosa’s developers have managed to add a couple new features: now you can add more options to the User […]

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