Improved BPMN Designer in ProcessMaker 2.0-8 Release

23/03/2011 | Category: ProcessMaker, release

ProcessMaker is pleased to announce the release of version 2.0-8. This release includes improvements to the BPMN Designer v1.1. It also fixes many important bugs related to DynaForm field validations, SQL sentences in form fields, process import issues, small fixes in datepicker control, PHP 5.3 “deprecated” messages, an issue with the End of Process event in […]

Would you like to have a Document Viewer embedded right into your Dynaforms? Part 2

15/03/2011 | Category: DynaForm, ProcessMaker | Tags: , , ,

So, last week I showed you how to convert a PDF or TIFF file document into a SWF file right inside ProcessMaker, now we’ll cover: Displaying the SWF file document into an embedded Flash File Viewer within a Dynaform. In order to achieve this, we’re going to install Zviewer’s components into our ProcessMaker directory and […]

Would you like to have a Document Viewer embedded right into your Dynaforms? Part 1

3/03/2011 | Category: ProcessMaker | Tags: , , ,

If so, read on… Thanks to work from our partner Comunycarse Software Studios and some tweaking by me, now we can have a document’s contents displayed right into a Dynaform next to, above or below the Dynaform field’s like this:   Integrating Open Source software/code from’s Wemag Online Document Viewer, SWFTOOLS‘ SWF Manipulation and […]

ProcessMaker 2.0 is here!

1/03/2011 | Category: BPMN, ProcessMaker, release

Afer many months of development and testing, ProcessMaker version 2.0 is finally here. The following exciting new features have been added: PHP 5.3 support. It is now possible to deploy ProcessMaker in PHP 5.3 environments. User inbox has been redesigned, and full skin control is now possible for OEM deployments. We will post more articles […]

Intermediate Timer Event with ProcessMaker

23/02/2011 | Category: BPMN, ProcessMaker | Tags: , ,

We were recently asked to provide a solution for the following process definition: As you can see, upon completion of First Activity, the Case is expected to pause  for X days. In BPMN terminology, it means a Catching  Intermediate Timer Event takes place between First Activity and Second Activity. So, how can you solve this process design using ProcessMaker? Well, it’s […]

2 is the magic number for ProcessMaker!

15/02/2011 | Category: Uncategorized | Tags: , ,

2 is definitely the magic number for ProcessMaker.  As most of you know, the release of ProcessMaker 2.0 is just a few weeks away. The halls of our offices are buzzing with excitement. A number of our customers have been testing some of our internal 2.0 BETA editions, and all of the feedback has been […]

ProcessMaker Certification Course in Bogota, Colombia

10/02/2011 | Category: BPM Training, ProcessMaker, Uncategorized | Tags: , , , ,

During the week of January 31st a ProcessMaker training took place in Bogota, Colombia. Maria Morales, the trainer in charge, conducted this 40 hours course with 21 participants. They attended this course from different countries, including Colombia, Venezuela, Chile and Ecuador. Most of them had technical backgrounds, but there were also decision makers, project leaders […]

Is Open Source a Viable Business Strategy for Enterprise Software Applications?

3/02/2011 | Category: Open Source | Tags: , , , , , , , ,

Last week Derek Singleton of Software Advice published a post on his blog regarding how open source ERP applications have in many ways failed to be as successful as their proprietary counterparts.  Although in many ways this is a hackneyed debate, I think several of Derek’s comments merit further discussion.   I work for an Open […]

Designing workflow software steps as actionable messages in email or facebook messages

5/01/2011 | Category: Open Source | Tags: , , , ,

There is a definite tendancy among companies I work with to implement more and more activities in their business processes “outside” the web login.    In one of my previous posts,  I explored the primary driver behind this tendency – the worker’s attention span is already used up by too many applications.  As a result there […]

Why is there no Marc Benioff in the Pure Play BPM Software Industry?

21/12/2010 | Category: BPM, Industry Analysis, Open Source, SAP | Tags: , , , , , , , ,

Two companies were really the pioneers in the Cloud BPM space – Nsite and ProcessMaker (disclaimer – I am the CEO of the latter), both launching SaaS BPM services at around the same time in 2005. Nsite got gobbled up by Business Objects which intern was gobbled up by SAP. I must admit, Nsite was a very cool product way ahead of its time and was giving ProcessMaker a good run for its money. But, inside SAP, Nsite basically died.

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