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Plugin Tips & Tricks – Including Javascripts & CSS Files

29/08/2014 | Category: Development, Javascript, Plugins, ProcessMaker, ProcessMaker Tech Tips, User Interface

  I recently posted an article about my typical structure for a plugin.   In this article, I would like to share something that is very common when developing a ProcessMaker plugin and can help prevent developers from growing grey hairs   The Use Case There are many use cases for developing a plugin. You can […]


How To Structure a Plugin + Free Seed Plugin

21/08/2014 | Category: Development, Plugins, ProcessMaker, ProcessMaker Tech Tips | Tags: , , , ,

  ProcessMaker Plugins Plugins are often a big part in any ProcessMaker implementation. There are many reasons for this, here are a few: Plugins extend ProcessMaker functionality. Plugins act as wrappers for connecting to Third Party Systems and APIs. Plugins display complex reports. Plugins have access to Internal ProcessMaker Functions & Classes. Those are just […]

Angular JS

Building a UX with the new ProcessMaker REST API

4/08/2014 | Category: REST API

Introduction First I want to say, the ProcessMaker inbox is awesome! That being said, it also sucks. Use Case The ProcessMaker inbox is good for many situations. In fact, a lot of users are happy with it. But a lot of users are also unhappy with it. Usually, companies prefer to have their User Experience […]

What can you expect from ProcessMaker 3.0 ?

29/07/2014 | Category: release, Solutions, Versions

As you all may know, on July 22nd a beta version of ProcessMaker 3.0 was released.  This version is a huge step forward for ProcessMaker and this is only the beginning.  We are confident that even better things are coming. Remember, this is a BETA release.  We do not recommend using this version in a production environment. […]

Is it True that ProcessMaker Version 3.0 is about to be Released?

15/07/2014 | Category: Uncategorized

By now you have probably heard the rumor that ProcessMaker Version 3.0 is about to be released.  Well, let me give you official confirmation – it is indeed true.   In fact, partners, customers, and some select members of our community have been testing an early BETA release for the past few weeks as part […]

Enabling a ProcessMaker Plugin By Permission

26/06/2014 | Category: How To, Plugins, ProcessMaker, ProcessMaker Tech Tips, Solutions, Uncategorized, User Interface

I received a question last week and thought it would make a good subject for a blog post. So here is the question: Hi Ethan, I created my plugin and with the plugin I also created a Role for the plugin as well as a Permission. I assigned some users with the correct Role and […]

How to archive and later retrieve old cases

17/06/2014 | Category: BPM, Solutions | Tags: ,

Most systems need a way to archive old data in order to allocate system resources more efficiently and allow for organizations to better organize their information.  ProcessMaker now has an archive/restore plugin which provides this type of functionality. Why Use the Case archive functionality? The Case Archive Plugin provides the functionality to both archive old […]

FTP Monitor – Kick start a process automatically

20/05/2014 | Category: ProcessMaker | Tags: , ,

Organizations are eager to meet the needs of their customers without any waste of time.  For this reason, they continually seek the fastest and most stress-free mediums to do this; which in turn, leads to the automation of almost all their business processes to reduce redundancy and promote effectiveness. Presently, one of the major interest […]

The Best Kept Secret of Well Run IT Departments: Workflow Automation and BPM

6/03/2014 | Category: BPM

Does Your IT Department Feel Like it is not Well Run? What you may not know about the best run IT Departments In today’s fast paced corporate environments it can be a challenge for IT Managers to cope with all of the demands placed on them by the rest of the company business units.  Despite […]

Links to multiple Input Document files in DynaForms

5/03/2014 | Category: ProcessMaker, Solutions

I’d like to share this great contribution sent by one of our community members. In this article you will find an easy way to upload documents and have them as links in Dynaforms Overview Input Documents can hold multiple files (unless the Input Document is uploaded through a file field in a DynaForm which is […]

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