Critical Bug Fixes in 1-2.2865

30/10/2009 | Category: Uncategorized

ProcessMaker is pleased to announce release 1.2-2865.  We released this new version so quickly after the last version, because we discovered a number of critical bugs which needed to get fixed as soon as possible. Several of our clients pointed out a number of problems with version 1.2-2838. Knowing how people depend on ProcessMaker to […]

A Lawyer and a BPM System walk into a bar…

29/10/2009 | Category: BPM, Open Source | Tags: , , , , , ,

Have you heard the one about the lawyer and the mountain of paperwork?  No seriously, all terrible lawyer jokes aside, law firms need to deal with a huge quantity of documents on a daily basis.  The entire legal profession is based on paperwork and deadlines.  Effective management of that paperwork is vital to the outcome […]

Editing email templates & export of PM Tables in 1.2-2838

22/10/2009 | Category: Uncategorized

ProcessMaker is pleased to announce the release of version 1.2-2838. This new version fixes a number of critical bugs, especially in the handling of process permissions and dates, the validation of DynaForm fields, and the importation of CSV files. In addition, ProcessMaker offers a number of new features. Email templates can now be created and […]

BPM Gold – Discovering and Exploiting a Vertical Workflow Software Niche

10/10/2009 | Category: BPM, Open Source | Tags: , , , , ,

As a leading BPM Software Company, we often get approached by small to mid-sized companies that want to develop a specific vertical industry workflow application inside our BPM Software so that they can sell it to others in their industry.   I really love it when I am fortunate enough to be in on the […]

Timing Events and new web services in 1.2-2740

30/09/2009 | Category: Uncategorized

ProcessMaker is pleased to announce the release of version 1.2-2740. This version offers a new feature called “events” which allows an action to be executed according to a specific timing in the process. Events execute relative to the time when a task or a series of consecutive tasks begins or ends. An event can be […]

SMBs with under 30 employees – How do you know if your business is a candidate for bpm software?

23/09/2009 | Category: BPM | Tags: , , , ,

I had a very interesting and lengthy discussion this evening with an SMB that had been reading about our company’s BPM software and was pretty certain that Business Process Management Software in general could be used to improve the way he did businesses.  He prefaced the call by saying he had only a handful of […]

5 Simple Questions to see if your Business Process can be modeled and Automated using Workflow Software

13/09/2009 | Category: BPM, Open Source | Tags: , , , ,

I receive questions literally every day from companies that are looking for workflow software and/or business process management software to automate workflows and automate web-form processing.   Most of my team tell me that I am the worst sales person they have ever seen.  You see, after 10 minutes on a phone call I will often […]

Social Media + Business Process Management – Irreconcilable Opposites or the Killer Combo?

7/09/2009 | Category: Open Source

There is a lot of chatter these days about how the Social Media Frenzy affects Business Process Management and BPM Software Tools in general.  The topic comes up at every BPM Software meeting or conference I go to.  At these conferences, pundits tend to produce lots of white papers filled with plenty of confusing acronyms.  […]

PM Table options and email template editor in 1.2-2552

26/08/2009 | Category: Uncategorized

ProcessMaker is pleased to announce the release of version 1.2-2552. With this new version ProcessMaker offers a number of exciting new options for PM Tables—a new type of custom tables created inside ProcessMaker. Data in PM Tables can be imported from CVS files and all changes to data can be logged (allowing for data changes […]

MIT OpenCourseWare Project and the lessons of Open Source Software

24/08/2009 | Category: Open Source | Tags: , ,

There are many lessons that MIT should learn from open source software companies when thinking about its OpenCourseWare Project.

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