ProcessMaker as a ready-to-run Virtual Appliance

18/11/2008 | Category: BPM

There are two types of people in this world:  those who derive great pleasure from “figuring things out”, and those who want things to work, right out of the box. My brother is a classic figure-outer.  He loves nothing more than discovering how to put things together, just so he can take them apart and […]

SAP BPM 2008

17/11/2008 | Category: BPM, SAP | Tags: , , ,

SAP’s BPM 2008 conference is going on today and tomorrow in Las Vegas.  Although I won’t personally be there, I am certainly following what is going on.  I just read Sandy Kemsley’s review of her first morning at the SAP BPM 2008 conference.  I found a number of interesting take-aways from her blog post. According […]

ProcessMaker Library: Download Process Templates for your workspace

13/11/2008 | Category: Open Source

ProcessMaker is a completely flexible, totally adaptable toolkit that lets you automate any custom business process you can possibly imagine. Imagining that process sometimes takes a bit of, well, imagination.  So we’ve decided to make it even easier for you.  Meet the ProcessMaker Library. You can download popular business templates to import to your ProcessMaker […]

ProcessMaker Traduzido para o Português!!

31/10/2008 | Category: Open Source

We’re happy to announce that ProcessMaker is now available to Portuguese!!  Thanks to Hans Liesenberg for this latest translation, and greetings to our growing Brazilian Portuguese community! You can download this and other translations from our wiki: The Windows Installation Manual for ProcessMaker is also available in Portuguese at: We’re looking forward to […]

ProcessMaker community watch makes for top-quality BPM

28/10/2008 | Category: Open Source

The old saying goes “no news is good news”, but in an open source project, “no bugs is BAD news.” Why? Because all software has bugs, and if they’re not surfacing, it means we’re just not looking hard enough.  More eyeballs means higher quality code, and the newest ProcessMaker release is a reflection of just […]

Gmail & Yahoo, Case expiration, and bug fixes in Version 1.1-1999

27/10/2008 | Category: Open Source

Version 1.1-1999 has a few new features, and a major bug fix for Internet Explorer users (remember, PM is optimized for Mozilla Firefox so your best bet is to use that browser). -You can now use GMAIL and YAHOO email accounts to send emails -When a case has passed its expiration date, the date now […]

Direct Library Access and Grid Options in Version 1984

15/10/2008 | Category: Open Source

We’ve just uploaded version 1.1-1984 to sourceforge.  You can download it here: This version has some neat new features including direct access to the Process Library Beta.  If you haven’t seen the Library yet, you should check it out.  It’s your source for workflow templates that you can upload to your ProcessMaker environment.  Implement […]

Making your process design even easier with Sub-Processes in pmos-1.1-1947

29/09/2008 | Category: Open Source

Our newest version is now available for download from Sourceforge: This version allows you to define Sub-Processes, increasing the flexibility in your Process design.  You can incorporate any process in a second process as a Sub-Process.  You can also indicate if your Sub-Process will be Asynchronous or Synchronous.  Synchronous means that the main process […]

Lots of bugfixes in Version 1.1-1901

16/09/2008 | Category: new release

Version 1.1-1901 is now available for download from Sourceforge: This release includes various bug fixes including issues with dynaforms, triggers, web entry, and web services. The new release also solves various issues brought up in the ProcessMaker Community Forum. For an easy upgrade, you can download the latest version patch, or as always, download […]

ProcessMaker International Zone

4/09/2008 | Category: Open Source

Hola!  Bonjour!  Hyvää päivää !  Konnichi wa!  Shalom!  God dag!  Selam!  Buon giorno!  Guten tag!  Hello! ProcessMaker’s international community is growing fast, and we’re pleased to offer our first ProcessMaker community translations in Spanish and Finnish. Visit the translations page:  to download an existing translation or get started on your own translation project.  Check […]

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