ProcessMaker BPM Architect training in Orlando, Florida.

16/03/2012 | Category: BPM Training | Tags: , , , , ,

From March 5th to March 7th 2012, a ProcessMaker BPM Architect training course took place in the wonderful city of Orlando, Florida. Conducted by myself, the participants came from Ohio’s FormShare LLC, a ProcessMaker OEM partner; and from Alabama’s Information Transport Solutions Inc. Apart from the training’s contents, the participants were also showed the benefits […]

New ProcessMaker version 2.0.38 just released.

13/03/2012 | Category: new release, Open Source, ProcessMaker, release, Versions | Tags:

Hello ProcessMaker Community, Colosa Inc. is proud to announce the new stable release for ProcessMaker: version 2.0.38. Our developers have been working tirelessly in order to bring you this new monthly release with 3 entirely new features along with several bug fixes and improvements to the ProcessMaker core. So, without further ado, here are the: […]

Re-enabling the workspace selection dropdown in the Login screen.

29/02/2012 | Category: ProcessMaker, ProcessMaker Tech Tips

Yes folks, as the title reads, in this post we’ll deal with an issue that affects mostly ProcessMaker Enterprise Edition users. If you manage several workspaces in ProcessMaker, you probably find the workspace selection dropdown in the Login screen pretty useful in order to keep track of all your workspaces and easily select which one […]

Big Ideas, Big Process, and little Social Apps

19/02/2012 | Category: BPM, business process re-engineering, Uncategorized | Tags: , , ,

Connie Moore from Forrester Research blogged about a big idea that she has been working on for several months about the future of enterprise suites versus business process management suites.   I imagine that her paper will touch an interesting nerve because I get the feeling that this is a subject on many minds right now. […]

New Web Service test: UnassignedCaseList

9/02/2012 | Category: Solutions

Having a quick view on the unassigned cases list is not impossible, from version 2.0.37 this new web service test “Unassigned Case list” was added to give a brief overview of which cases have unassigned users. By having a designation rule “Self service” defined in tasks, this web service test allows you to check cases […]

Simplified User Inbox: a new experience for users

8/02/2012 | Category: Solutions

Q:  Which feature provides the best experience for users? A:  Having a simplified interface where they have access to information that’s important to them, depending on their requirements. With that in mind, we are pleased to announce a new feature – the ‘Simplified User Inbox’ in ProcessMaker version 2.0.37.  As the name suggests, users now […]

ProcessMaker 2.0.37 released today!!!

7/02/2012 | Category: BPM, business process re-engineering, new release, Open Source, ProcessMaker, release | Tags: , ,

Another month and another new stable release for ProcessMaker. This month is the turn for version 2.0.37 which comes with one major new feature, a new Simplified User Inbox which we’ll cover in more detail in a further post; plus the usual bug fixes, improvements and feature upgrades that have our Dev. Team working like […]

Who is to Blame for Social BPM?

24/01/2012 | Category: Social Applications | Tags:

Of course, this is a tongue-in-cheek question.  Nonetheless, there is a lot of pressure on the BPM industry right now to jump on the “Social” bandwagon and this begs the question of whether or not this is a good idea?  What is really at the root of the “social” juggernaut? It seems clear to me […]

ProcessMaker supports Google Chrome browser

ProcessMaker 2.0.36 released: Google Chrome compatibility

10/01/2012 | Category: ProcessMaker, release, Versions | Tags: , , , ,

ProcessMaker 2.0.36 has been released! Several bugs related with Chrome were fixed. This means that starting from this version ProcessMaker is compatible with Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer and Google Chrome. Improvements Improved Plugin creation Wizard: The wizard will generate a sample plugin with more options and using lists according ProcessMaker 2.0 Under Documents option “Not […]

A look back at the BPM industry in 2011 and a few thoughts for BPM in 2012

20/12/2011 | Category: ACM, BPM, Uncategorized

2011 was an exciting year all around for the BPM industry.  As a BPMS (Business Process Management Suite) Vendor, the market continues to be strong.  According to Gartner, the BPMS (business process management suite) market size in 2009 was valued at $1.9 billion growing to $3.4 billion by 2014, a compound annual growth rate of […]

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