Refreshing Pentaho Mondrian Cache to keep ProcessMaker up to date

19/02/2013 | Category: Open Source, ProcessMaker

  Pentaho Reporting is an open source business intelligence suite providing advanced reporting, analysis and data mining. ProcessMaker Enterprise Edition provides integration with Pentaho Reporting, so that the power and flexibility of Pentaho Reporting can be accessed inside the ProcessMaker interface. Custom reports generated by Pentaho are available under the Enterprise Edition’s DASHBOARD and REPORTS menus. Sometimes we have […]

New ProcessMaker version 2.0.45 released!

20/11/2012 | Category: BPM, Open Source, ProcessMaker, release, Versions | Tags:

ProcessMaker v 2.0.45 Release Notes ProcessMaker is a cost effective and easy to use open source business process management (BPM) or workflow software application. Workflow software such as ProcessMaker can assist organizations of any size with designing, automating and deploying business processes or workflows of various kinds. ProcessMaker workflow software features an extensive toolbox which provides the […]

Does your Business need BPM Software – 7 Questions to Ask BEFORE you Start to Shop

8/11/2012 | Category: BPM, Uncategorized | Tags:

So you are thinking about buying a Business Process Management System (BPMS)?   You have heard about companies like Oracle, Ultimus, Aura Portal, and ProcessMaker?  You are about to start researching various vendors to try and understand which one is best for you.  In your early conversations the various vendors have already started to tell you […]

BPM Meet Tim, Tim Meet BPM

31/10/2012 | Category: BPM, Management, ProcessMaker

Does management really work? This was the title of an insightful article featured in Harvard Business Review exploring the value of good management practices. The three authors, also investigators, conducted a study to answer that very question. Their hypothesis centered on whether or not organizations “adhere to three practices that are generally considered to be […]

Let’s Talk about Education (and ProcessMaker)

24/10/2012 | Category: Education, ProcessMaker

  by  Sean MacEntee  Education. Race to the Top. Arne Duncan. Teacher evaluations. School autonomy. Math and science. International competition. While election day in the U.S. rapidly approaches, we hardly read or hear of the former as leading stories in the media. Education was discussed in the second and third presidential debates, but to a limited degree, […]

New ProcessMaker version 2.0.44 released!

9/10/2012 | Category: new release, ProcessMaker, release, Versions

Congratulations to the Colosa team for putting out release 2.0.44 of the ProcessMaker Open Source BPM and Workflow software.  We are confident you will enjoy it! ProcessMaker continues to pride itself on being the leading open source BPM and Workflow software in the market.  Being the best does not simply mean adding more and more […]

U.S. Presidential Debates Moderated by ProcessMaker

9/10/2012 | Category: ProcessMaker

What would a U.S. presidential debate look like following a ProcessMaker process? Last Wednesday’s debate, held at the University of Denver and moderated by PBS’s Jim Lehrer, lacked strict, clean transitions like those of an automated business process. While there are definitely benefits of having a debate mirror a natural-flowing conversation, the moderator was often […]

Three-wise men and ProcessMinimalism

4/10/2012 | Category: ProcessMaker

Enter three-wise men: Steve Jobs, Noam Chomsky and Buddha. The work of all three sits on top of a common denominator: Minimalism. Steve Jobs and Apple launched a sleek, clean, simple design in the iPod, iPhone and iPad, propelling Apple to become the world’s largest capitalized public corporation. The father of modern linguistics Noam Chomsky begot the […]

New ProcessMaker version 2.0.43 released!

14/08/2012 | Category: new release, ProcessMaker, release, Versions

Good morning ProcessMaker Community! Nothing like waking up to find out that your favorite BPM Software got updated, right? So, this time the awesome Colosa Development Team fixed no less than 172 bugs! This is an all time record for bug-squashing, come to think of it, we should award them a Gold medal for this […]

Get involved – How to contribute code to improve and enhance ProcessMaker

17/07/2012 | Category: Collaboration, community

The participation of the community is an important factor in the success of every open source project. Colosa is announcing the chance for you to contribute code in order to enhance and improve ProcessMaker. This will be a big chance for every de generic cialis veloper to have their own code written and published in […]

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