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New Release of the ProcessMaker v. 3.0 (Beta3) – Now Available for Download and Testing

27/01/2015 | Category: new release, release | Tags: ,

ProcessMaker team is proud to announce the new BETA release which includes some features and bug fixes detailed below. Remember that this is a BETA release. Do not use this BETA version in a production environment. Known issues: PM-767 – BPMN Designer Add message list. PM-768 – Add Support for Intermediate Message event(outbound). PM-770 – […]

Reflections on Business Process Modeling, BPMN, and BPMS

27/04/2011 | Category: BPM, Open Source | Tags: , , , , ,

And, as any college graduate knows, the bible of better technique is Strunk & White’s Elements of Style. Bruce gets this (and has positioned his book to become the Elements of Style of BPMN), and after 12 hours in his course I can understand why he doesn’t seem so interested in the BPM Suite itself. The fact is that the BPM Suite tends to work just fine whether it is ProcessMaker, Pega, IBM, Appian, or another. The problem is much deeper and needs to be solved in a much less automated way. The problem is the “style.” This problem needs to be solved through better education and better teachers. We need to train better process consultants and this is a long and arduous journey with no shortcuts.

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