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Beyond “You’re Fired!” – Understanding the Employee Off-Boarding Process

3/05/2010 | Category: BPM, Solutions | Tags: , , ,

If you watch “The Apprentice”, then you’re familiar with Donald Trump’s terrible off-boarding process.  With his signature phrase, “You’re fired!”, he sends apprentice-wannabes on their way.  The ex-apprentice then exits the boardroom, grabs his/her rolling suitcase, takes the elevator down to the lobby, and hops in a waiting taxi to be whisked away. But in […]

Leave Application Workflow, with and without BPM

11/03/2010 | Category: BPM, Solutions | Tags: , , , , , ,

I have been blogging recently about BPM software and opportunities for automation in a typical leave application process.  I wanted to create a visual example to show how many steps can be automated by using a BPM tool to automate the vacation request process.  Requesting a vacation should be a fairly simple and straightforward process, […]

BPM Software: Like GPS for your HR Forms

6/03/2010 | Category: BPM, Solutions | Tags: ,

As tax season once again rolls around, I was struck by the recent advertisement campaign of one of the major tax preparation software suites. This particular software claims to be “like GPS for your taxes”, the idea being that the program guides you step-by-step through the virtual twists and turns of tax preparation, just as […]

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