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How To Structure a Plugin + Free Seed Plugin

21/08/2014 | Category: Development, Plugins, ProcessMaker, ProcessMaker Tech Tips | Tags: , , , ,

  ProcessMaker Plugins Plugins are often a big part in any ProcessMaker implementation. There are many reasons for this, here are a few: Plugins extend ProcessMaker functionality. Plugins act as wrappers for connecting to Third Party Systems and APIs. Plugins display complex reports. Plugins have access to Internal ProcessMaker Functions & Classes. Those are just […]

How to archive and later retrieve old cases

17/06/2014 | Category: BPM, Solutions | Tags: ,

Most systems need a way to archive old data in order to allocate system resources more efficiently and allow for organizations to better organize their information.  ProcessMaker now has an archive/restore plugin which provides this type of functionality. Why Use the Case archive functionality? The Case Archive Plugin provides the functionality to both archive old […]

Copying and Importing Dynaforms from version 2.5.x

20/11/2013 | Category: Open Source, ProcessMaker | Tags: ,

  Reviewing our great features added from version 2.5.x, we have this useful feature, Copying and Importing Dynaforms. On previous version of ProcessMaker, if a DynaForm, created on a process, was required to be used in a different process, you had to copy it manually from one process to another, this wasn’t a good practice […]

New ProcessMaker version 2.0.39 released!

3/04/2012 | Category: new release, ProcessMaker | Tags: , , ,

Happy New Release day!!! Hello boys and girls, it’s that time of the month again when we get presents for being good kids all the month around. So unless you’ve been a naughty kid, here’s your monthly present from the Colosa Developer Team: ProcessMaker version 2.0.39!!! So what are you waiting for? download, install and […]

ProcessMaker 2.0.37 released today!!!

7/02/2012 | Category: BPM, business process re-engineering, new release, Open Source, ProcessMaker, release | Tags: , ,

Another month and another new stable release for ProcessMaker. This month is the turn for version 2.0.37 which comes with one major new feature, a new Simplified User Inbox which we’ll cover in more detail in a further post; plus the usual bug fixes, improvements and feature upgrades that have our Dev. Team working like […]

Processmaker 2.0.32 has been released!

7/09/2011 | Category: ProcessMaker, release | Tags: , , , ,

Colosa Inc. is pleased to announce the release of the 2.0.32 version of ProcessMaker. As always, we’re delivering a new stable release the first week of each month. Changes This time ProcessMaker 2.0.32 comes with three new features in addition to several bugs solved. For a more complete list of changes, check out the release […]

ProcessMaker version 2.0.31 released today!!!

2/08/2011 | Category: IIS, ProcessMaker, release, Uncategorized, Versions | Tags: , , ,

Colosa Inc. is pleased to announce the timely release of ProcessMaker version 2.0.31 today August the 2nd, 2011. This release marks the third time in a row that Colosa has been able to launch a new release of ProcessMaker the first Tuesday of the month, in accordance to the new release schedule. So congratulations to […]

TRIO NEXØ A/S and Business Center Bornholm visit Colosa

1/07/2011 | Category: Partners, ProcessMaker | Tags: , , , , , , ,

In early June, two prominent members of Bornholm business community visited Colosa Inc. operations in La Paz, Bolivia.   Ingvar Kure, President of TRIO NEXØ A/S  and Tina Munch Kure, Manager of Business Center Bornholm met with Adolfo P. Lang , Colosa’s General Manager of Bolivia at the Colosa offices, located in Sopocachi – one of […]

Embedding Multiple Images Into Dynaforms

16/05/2011 | Category: DynaForm, How To, ProcessMaker | Tags: , , ,

Most organizations who are utilizing ProcessMaker to manage their workflow take advantage of the Document Management System (DMS) to upload input documents and pass them along with the case it belongs to.  But did you know that if your input document happens to be an image or group of images, then you can embed those […]

2 is the magic number for ProcessMaker!

15/02/2011 | Category: Uncategorized | Tags: , ,

2 is definitely the magic number for ProcessMaker.  As most of you know, the release of ProcessMaker 2.0 is just a few weeks away. The halls of our offices are buzzing with excitement. A number of our customers have been testing some of our internal 2.0 BETA editions, and all of the feedback has been […]

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